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"Get Ready for Retro Style with this Limited Edition Kamerajigen Character Pin"

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- This pin is part of the 2nd Edition of 100 pins made and has a Pin ID of 143. - The pin is based on a character called Kamerajigen from an 80's Japanese TV show. - It is a 1.5" black nickel plated brass pin with hard enamel. - The pin comes individually packaged with two silver butterfly clasps. - The pin is available for purchase for $17. In summary, this pin is a unique and limited edition collectible inspired by a character from a classic Japanese TV show. With its black nickel plated brass and hard enamel, it's a stylish and eye-catching accessory. Whether you're a fan of the show or just appreciate unique pins, this one is a must-have for any pin collector. Get ready to add a touch of retro charm to your outfit with this cool pin!

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