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Ham the Astrochimp Enamel Pin: A Limited-Edition Tribute to Space Exploration History

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- The product being described is a silver plated brass enamel pin modeled after the first great ape astronaut named Ham. - Ham the Astrochimp was the first ever chimpanzee sent to space by the U.S. space program in 1961, and this pin commemorates that historic event. - There are only 100 pins available in this first edition run, and each pin has a unique ID number of 265 and was released in 2022. - The pin is 1.5 inches in size and comes with two silver butterfly clasps to attach it to clothing or accessories. In summary, this article describes a unique enamel pin that pays homage to a significant moment in space exploration history. Ham the Astrochimp was a trailblazing astronaut who paved the way for future advancements in space travel. If you're a lover of space exploration or unique enamel pins, this product might be right up your alley.

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