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AllDay Leather Camera Strap by Official Exclusive - Camera Strap

Our Multi-Camera Leather Strap free's you up to be creative. Now you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy cameras and gear around, instead just let everything sit at your hips while you visualize and focus on the story unfolding in front of your lens.

  • Easily switch between up to 2 Cameras + Lenses
  • Distributes weight evenly across the strongest part of your back
  • Industrial grade safety tested stainless steel hardware that won’t rust
  • Compatible with all cameras and sized to fit most users
  • Hand made from vegetable tanned leather, weather-resistant
  • Two metal D-rings allow you to attach accessories or hold things like keys/sunglasses.
  • Minimal design aesthetic. Perfect for most wardrobes
  • Keeps your gear accessible and comfortable on your body for long shoots
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& Free Shipping in the USA

Sold out

& Free Shipping in the USA


What are people saying about our Multi-Camera Leather Strap?

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We set out to make a strap that works, has everything included in the box, looks great, and won’t break. Is that so hard?

Keeps your camera safe

Professional camera gear is expensive! That's why we've stress tested this strap up to 300 lbs of weight (I believe it can hold a lot more), and use industrial grade locking clasps, safety leashes, and camera fasteners to keep your camera and gear easily accessible while preventing any drops or damage.

Keeps your body healthy and energized for long shoot days

Our Multi-Camera Strap lightens your load by distributing the weight of heavy cameras and lenses across the strongest portion of your back and removing stress from your neck caused by traditional neck straps.

Fits most wardrobes

First impressions mean a lot—especially as a professional photographer. Show up on set feeling confident in your abilities and appearance putting your clients at ease.

Everything you need is right in the box

1x Multi-Camera Strap

2x Camera fasteners

2x Camera sliders

2x Safety leash/hip leash

& Free Shipping in the USA

Everything you need is right in the box

1x Multi-Camera Strap

2x camera fasteners

2x camera sliders

2x Safety leash/hip leash

2x 3rd camera D ring attachment leash.

& Free Shipping in the USA

Quick Delivery

We offer Free shipping via USPS Priority for all US orders. Most orders arrive within 3-5 business days.  

Free Shipping

Our Multi-Camera Strap ships free! Bundle other items in our shop with your camera strap to receive Free Shipping on your entire order.

Simple Returns

If there are any issues with your strap, returning it is simple and easy. Please send me an email at and I will take care of you.

Does the Multi-Camera Strap come with everything I need?

Yes. It comes with everything you need to shoot with up to 3 cameras. In the box you will receive:

1x Multi-Camera Leather Strap

2x Camera fasteners

2x Camera sliders

2x Safety leash/hip leash

Will this hold my LARGE cameras + (insert BIG lens here) securely?

Yes! I’ve personally stress tested the strap with two Canon 5D Mark IV's-- one with a Canon 70-200mm lens and the other with a Canon 24-70mm lens. When used properly, this strap can hold a tremendous amount of weight, while still staying perfectly balanced on your body.

Can women wear our Multi-Camera strap?

Yes! Our Mulit-Camera Leather Strap fits extremely well on a wide variety of body types. Please see our sizing chart for precise measurements.

Is my camera safe from falling?

Yes! Extremely safe. The camera fasteners do not unscrew unless prompted by the user. At the very beginning of the shoot day, I give them a small final tighten down and then proceed to shoot with them all day long. [photo of screw tightening] The sailboat design of our locking clasp does not come undone accidentally, yet still allows for the cameras to come off quickly when you need to put the camera high up in the air. [photos of high up with the camera off]

Does this strap work well with only One Camera?

Yes. Our Multi-Camera strap works incredibly well with one camera. Please tighten… [instructions here] and attach the unused locking clasp to your belt loop for extra security.

Will this strap fit me?

Please determine if the strap will be a good fit for you by reviewing our sizing guide: [Sizing guide here] small, medium, large. Height. Weight.

What type of photographers use this strap?

Wedding, Street, Event, Sports, Politics, Papparazzi, Wildlife, Editorial and Fashion Photographers all use our camera strap for professional work.

Is the Multi-Camera strap bulky?

Although when not being worn, our camera strap may seem to be a little bulky. In use, it blends in to almost all styles, settings, and types of photoshoots, extremely well. After you mount your cameras and other gear on our Multi-Strap, you’ll see how much lighter they feel as their weight is now evenly distributed across the strongest portion of your back, relieving any stress you may have felt around your neck. Really, you can shoot all day with two heavy cameras and experience very little muscle fatigue.

Will the leather leave marks on my clothes?

Although it is possible for any colored leather to leave marks on clothes, especially if the leather gets very wet. In use, our Multi-Camera Leather Strap does not seem to have any issues with staining or leaving any marks on clothing. Although this may vary from person to person.

Will the leather get any softer?

Yes! The more you use your Multi-Camera Leather Strap, the better it will fit your body and act as an extension of your camera and mind! I’m not joking! It really will become more out of the way and useful to you the more the leather conforms to your body.

Does the camera come off the strap when shooting?

No, the camera stays safely on the strap the whole time you’re shooting. It uses the camera slider to easily slide up to your eye when you're ready to take a photo. You can let it hang back down when you’re finished.

Will the Multi-Camera strap take pressure and weight off my neck and lower back?

es! That’s what this camera strap does best. Let me explain—If you hang your cameras in front of your body, your lower back will hurt. If you hang your cameras directly to the sides of your body, the pressure is now shared by your shoulders and lower back, which can still cause pain. Our Multi-Camera strap places the cameras past your midline, slightly around your back and near your hips, where human’s are naturally made to carry the most weight with ease. This takes stress and pressure from your shoulders and lower back and places them exactly across the broadest and strongest part of the back which makes carrying easy! You will notice the difference after a long day of shooting!

Please reach out to me at with additional questions/comments. I update this FAQ often based off of your user input.

Please note that by using our products the user/you acknowledges and accepts that Official Exclusive LLC will only be liable for the product and not be liable in any case for any consequential damages.

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