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Lens Cross Section Color Variant Pin
Jeff L (Citrus Heights, US)
Well Made

Very well made and superbly detailed !

Ansel Adams Quote Pin Black Copper
GREAT gift for a photographer

He enjoyed them so much. They are really nice

DSLR Cross Section Pin with Transparent Lens
Marco Alexander (Blackhawk, US)

I absolutely love it. It's definitely my new favorite pin

Planet Earth Cross Section Cutaway Pin
Earth pin


Camera Monster Pin
David Ruddock (York, GB)
camera pin badges

These are great Pin Badges, I liked the look of them so bought a number

Saturn Planet Pin
Grace Warrick (San Diego, US)

Saturn Planet Pin

Film Canister #9 Pin
Gabriel Lundberg (Great Bend, US)

Gave it as a gift to my friend that shoots film. Good quality pin. Great gift.

Fine old camera

Great pin for those who use this old camera. Glad people still remember it.

NYC Street Photography Collective Pin
Philippe CHAVANEL (Flourens, FR)

Très joli Pin. Pour mettre sur mon sac photo. Le top.

Vlogger Camera Pin
David Ruddock (York, GB)
camera pin badges

These are great large pin badges, easily seen.

Wow ! ! ! !

beautifully recreated and wonderful details. arrived safely packaged.

Very Old Wooden Large Format Camera Pin
Linda Bigger (Queensbury, US)
Very Old Wooden Large Format Camera Pin

Beautifully made pin as always. My pin collection is catching up to my camera collection!
I’m also glad that you started putting the information on the back of the pins. Keep up the good work 👍🏻

Great pins!

I ordered the X digital rangefinder camera pin and I absolutely love it! I ordered a few other camera pins as well and they’re all great quality and so cute! Great pins for a camera bag

Film Box Rug Mini
Stephen k (Chicago, US)
Better than expected

I ordered this for a gift, I found the company on instagram, I didn't know if it was legit. It is legit, the quality of the rug I ordered is very high. I'm quite happy.

Ansel Adams Quote Pin Black Copper
Mark Kolsky (Delray Beach, US)

Perfect pin for a gift.

Film Box Rug Mini
Andrew Barillas (Los Angeles, US)
I love this rug!

As a film shooter this a great addition for office.

Film Box Rug Mini
Nick G (Braintree, US)
Super fast shipping!!

Awesome rug. Already getting tons of great compliments from this purchase!!!!

Pretty fr*cking neat

Damn this is a really cool pin, looks way better in person! Not actually sure what I’m gonna do with it yet 🤔

Cat Camera Blanket
Ayden Coffer (Chicago, US)
Worth every penny!!

I know this blanket has a heft price, but it is worth every penny! I have used this blanket in many ways so far wether it has been a deceptive blanket, a picnic blanket or a comfy blanket to sleep with. It has served me well in any capacity. I would suggest this to anyone looking for beautiful comfy blanket that will get you complements from anyone who has any sense of style.

Trip35 Fixed Lens Rangefinder #2 Pin
Russell Rosener (St Louis, US)
Fantastic pin

Love the colors & sturdy construction. Best of all it’s a faithful reproduction of an actual cult camera!

Koala with Film Camera Pin
Bernie Ball (Auckland, NZ)
Koala pin

Really delighted with my purchase. Thankyou so much.

Ansel Adams Quote Pin Black
Ryan Jakubowski (Royal Oak, US)

Ansel Adams Quote Pin Black

Digital SLR Camera Pin #5
Diane M Peparata (Syracuse, US)
A Big Bang For Your Buck.

These enamel pins are not only finely detailed, but they are much larger than one would expect. The superimposing size is made with two pins and fasteners to deter the pin from spinning around and coming loose. Superior quality compared to some of these types of enamel pins. I'm certain that I will own the few that I have purchased for the rest of my life!

Instant Camera #2 Pin
Agnes Fecher (Wellington, NZ)
Beautiful pins

It truly is good quality and good sized pins. Freight time was a bit too long but I live in NZ so fair enough.

Film Box Rug Mini
Sean Ware (Chatsworth, US)
So. Cool.

I've been waiting for the re-release of this mini-rug for some time. I even reached out to Julian to see if he could tell me when they might do another run. I happened to see the email notification of it being available one day and immediately went to the site and picked one up for myself and another one to gift. It's such a cool rug! It's so unique and a perfect gift for anyone who loves photography.