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Zoetrope Moving Horse Pin
Josh Barber (Monrovia, US)
Very Unique Pin - Great Quality

Cool pin with a creative approach to visualizing a canonical work in the history of photography. Detailed craftsmanship and thorough edition information on the back show the care put into the piece. As a photographer with an interest in history that works in cultural heritage imaging, it is awesome to be able to wear something related to a project I have worked on.

Nik. Digital SLR Camera Pin #3
JEN C-T (Everett, US)
Pins so cool they’ve become a tradition!

I’m the Store Manager at a locally owned camera shop/full photo lab. Everyone on my staff is a photographer and or film lover. I ordered the Shoot More Film 35mm film pins for them all as a holiday gift last year and they went over so well I had to do it again this year.
Taking advantage of a really great sale, I was able to get each member of my team truly personal and beautifully crafted gifts with these pins.
I love how much variety your shop has and am thrilled that I was able to find each person something unique to their interests (the camera they shoot with or the kind they want to have etc).
Also, totally unexpectedly, the shop owner sent mystery pins with my order and one of them was huge!
Thank you for being so creative with these pins and so generous with my order. This has become a holiday tradition for me now and I love seeing my team proudly wearing them around the store.

Great pin

I don’t buy a lot of pins but this and everything I’ve bought from this shop looks great! Nice solid quality.

Bolex 16mm Pin
peter wallach (Doylestown, US)

I had a long career as a stop motion animator. I started in 16mm, then moved unto filming in 35mm. my very first 16mm camera was a BOLEX rex 5 , this pin brings back very fond memories . The quality is excellent as it is with all the pins, i will wear it proudly.. best Peter

Film Box Rug Mini
Cute Rug

The film box rug is very cute and is good quality too. I’m glad I got it!

F SLR 3D Gold Camera Pin
Ash (Las Vegas, US)
gold cam

great quality pin

Tri X Pan 400 Film Box Rug Mini
Benita (Winston-Salem, US)
My favorite film and now favorite rug!

Good quality, nice feel to the rug, and how could you go wrong with my favorite film box as the design! Love the non- slip backing too.

Guacamole T Shirt
John (Queens, US)
HAHA I love it

I love guacamole! well made shirt

Halloween Black Cat Enamel Pin
melissa capobianco (Bradenton, US)
excellent quality

loved the pins!!!!

Vampire Bat Camera Pin
D (Sunland, US)
Nice pin

Cool pin!

Film Box Rug Mini
Stoney Rodewald (San Diego, US)
Great rug!

Love this rug and the quality! Added this beauty to my office where my developing table is and it adds such a nice touch to the space, perfect size! I also have carpet where this rug is and it lays nicely on top and doesn’t fold when up when you step on it since being on the carpet. I highly recommend getting one of these rugs for your space, adds a nice personal touch. Also, very well packaged and when I rolled it out it didn’t stay folded like most rugs do when rolled up. I will be getting more in the future :)

Vampire Bat Camera Pin
melissa capobianco (Bradenton, US)

pin is grreat

N64 Video Game System Pin #1 Gold Variant
Kyle Pederson (Shakopee, US)
Beautiful and reasonably priced

I love reppin my video games, and this and the other pins I purchased are just perfect and look great in my collection. I might have to buy more!

RoY G Biv Logo Blanket
John (Queens, US)
large, comfy, warm

Love it!

Film Canister #2 Pin
D (Sunland, US)
Nicely detailed pin!

Pin looks great and it’s a good size.

Beaulieu Super 8mm Camera #2 Pin
rémy batteault (Paris, FR)

Beaulieu Super 8mm Camera #2 Pin

Rangefinder Camera #2 Pin
Lori Sabel (Seattle, US)
Camera pins

I love all the pins I buy from you.

Modular Analog Synthesizer System 55 Pin
Anonymous (Woodstock, US)
More than expected

The Moog modular pin is HUGE and thick! Detail is quite impressive and the finish is flawless.

George Harrison guitar

I'm giving it to my nephew he really likes guitars and has a nice collection.

Modular Analog Synthesizer System 55 Pin
Mahmoud Baayoun (Dubai, AE)

The piece is truly a piece of art, the details and colors are amazing

Film Canister #1 Pin
Shawn J (Santa Barbara, US)
Film pins are great

If your going to have the camera pins may as well get the film pins :p

Beer Can 35mm Film Camera Pin
Shawn J (San Francisco, US)
Remember when it came out

I may still have this camera, somewhere.

Graflex Super D Camera Pin
Shawn J (Santa Barbara, US)
Cool pin

As always These pins are well made and a cool way to show off your love of Photography.

Rangefinder Camera #2 Pin
Jamie Couret (Charlotte, US)


Perfect Gift For the DJ Girl

I saw the first vintage Marantz turntable and seriously thought, AHA! If only they had a Technic's... it'd be the pefect gift for my friend Miss Kimberly, the Original DJ Girl. SO, imagine my surprise when it was the next issued release!?!?! She's gonna love it. Guaranteed! It's a great addition and so nicely done. THANKS!