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High quality and detailed pins!

I’ve had multiple of these pins on my camera bag for almost a year now and they still look as great as the day I bought them. The 2 prong design on the back of the pins is a nice touch and makes them feel more secure. Just purchased another set when a few more of the cameras I own were added. Great variety!

I love them

I also bought so for a friend who collects cameras too.

Locking Pin Backs

They work Great 👍🏻
Definitely worth the price and order time !!

Love the Leicaflex Pin

Thanks to Julian and company for designing this pin after photos of my Black Leicaflex SLR sent late last year. This pin is extremely accurate to the original camera, many thanks!!

very nice, well crafted

This is a terrific pin especially if your a Superwide person, twin pins on the backside, well crafted and great edition to your camera bag or vest


The pin is the mirror image of my camera . I really like it


Amazing quality

Great detail

I have the 645pro but this is close enough.

Gold is Like Original Striping

I chose the gold striped version of the Brownie because the originals more often used gold rather than silver for decorative stripes. To me, it looked more realistic.

Vintage brownie pin

The brownie pin is true to the actual camera. I love the blue in the lens which makes it contrasting. Excellent design and quality. the size is spot on, not to big not to small.



Crazy good quality. Superbe communication

I bought 5 pins, they look great. Buying it was easy.

Canon QL

I love it ,quality is too notch and I’m always asked where did I buy my pins when wearing my jacket .

Quality, Selection, and Value

Just received my latest order of new pins, from the latest offerings. I am astounded at the quality and artisan work of each pin. Prices are really customer friendly and shipping was really fast. I now own probably 25 or so pins from this store and am very happy.


It’s exactly how I expected, loved it!

Tough Lock

It took me a while to figure how to secure and place the lock, but I soon figured it out and happy with the results. I don’t use it just with the official exclusive pins, but my other pins and works just as well. Now I don’t have to worry about losing any of my pins.

Top Customer care

First order lost by local post office and second shipping free to get 200% super satisfied! Thanks


It’s so cute and detailed, I loved it and my (video maker) friend too!!

Perfect pin. Nuce details.

Super cool and detailed!

Locking Pin Backs

Awesome as always.

Incredible detail

All the pins I have purchased are colourful and accurate and embody excellent details. This one is no different.

Orange View Master Pin

Great design, awesome color!