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Locking Pin Backs

All perfect

Look forward more pins, Rollei SL66, Fuji 617 etc, thanks

Classic Film Canister #3 Pin

Groovy Rollei Patch

This is a perfect patch! I plan to adhere it to my jean jacket. Highly recommended!!

extremely well made pins

I continue to be surprised by the quality of these pins. I have ordered twice now and have not been disappointed. Unfortunately, my last order included metal clasps - I would rather the rubber ones but, nevertheless, the quality is unmatched.

Awesome pins!

Fantastic pins! I’m not really one to by pins but these are awesome! Only thing was, and I don’t know why it wasn’t working, at the time I order them I was trying to get the by three and get two for free or maybe one for free I can’t remember, but I was really bummed cause the code didn’t work to get a free pin. :( but after I ordered three it gave me the option for the next pin to be discounted. So I did that. It’s not that big of a deal but I thought I should let you guys know just in case it happens to other people. But besides that I’m very happy with them! I’ll be posting a photo on insta soon @brokefilmlover

Film Canister #2 Pin

SLR Camera #3 Pin

The best pins in the world

All perfect, the best pins I've ever seen.
Shipment came on time and all pins are an enrichment for my collection.
Thanks a lot

Thank you

It's a wonderful gift!

Retro Lovelies

Really super pins and just as pictured. No false promises and speedy delivery. These really are a lovely unique gift.

Locking Pin Backs

Nice kooking

The pins are in very high quality and the level of details is excellent but I think they are a little bit too big.

Large Format Camera #1 Pin

Beautiful Pin

Love that they have a camera I still use, beautifully made also. Film forever <3

Medium Format Camera #5 Pin

love it

beautiful product, quick arrive!!!

SLR Camera Pin #2



Classic camera pins

Great item with fine detail!!

Looks great!

Very high quality pin that really nails the proportions of the Bessa. I was so glad they introduced this pin!

Instant Camera #1 Pin

Nikon f3 hp

Buy a bunch of these pins and match the color of the ar coating to your tie. This one has your red ties covered.

Nice and detailed pin

The pin has a good size,it is very well built, and presents many details. The shipment was fast, and arrived in perfect condition.