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Medium Format Camera #1 Pin

Great product. Very creative ideas

Love these pins. Anyone in the photo/film/video industry would love these.

Looks great.

Pinned it on my AE 1camera bag.

Very Happy Bunny

I now own pins of all my main cameras and can't believe how detailed they are.
Absolutely great and loads of people( OK, mainly photographers) in the UK want to know where to get them form. Am passing on order details to anyone who asks. Thanks for producing these little gems!

Love the pins and hoodie

Make more gear :)

Rangefinder Camera #3 Pin


Work is beautifully done

Medium Format Camera #3 Pin

Classic Rangefinder Camera Pin

Well made, detailed.

Love it, but find the stops a bit scary. I'm afraid I'd lose them eventually.

Memories are gold!

Loving my pin! What can I say aside from top quality product - and loving my permanent reminder of the days I walked everywhere with my Pentax K1000 in hand.

Amazing Pins!

I wasn't expecting them to be so big, they are fantastic & really good quality, & the ones I ordered have double pins in the back which is helpful because they're more secure.

Instant Camera #1 Pin



I’m Crazy in Love with these pins !!!!

Super 8!!

Reminds me of being young and making my own home movies w/ siblings. Love it.

Headline: New Pin gets 5 Stars!

The Story:

I saw the new pin, I bought it, and it looks even better in person. Another job well done πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ†


Large Format Camera #3 Pin

Legitimately Life Changing

I've always wanted to try locking backs, and when I ordered a pin I fell in love with at first sight (incredible targeting marketing) and didn't want to lose it, as I have other pins, I knew I needed the extra security. These really provide peace of mind when wearing your favorite pinned-out jacket. I will be ordering more, and you should too.

Great pins!

Awesome pin

Great design, beautifully crafted, really makes justice to this iconic camera.
I love this pin.

Awesome pins

These pins rock!πŸ’₯

It’s a beanie/hat pin with style

The pins I bought were very high quality and the locking nuts are an excellent addition to keep them secure

These are special

I love the idea of pins (or as the B-Boys use to say "badges") but never really find any that speak to me. These pins were an instant hit for me and I loved them even more when they arrived. I have so many special people in my life that live by the camera, be it still images or video, and I loved gifting one of these to each of them. They're fun to share and I'll be getting more!