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Kermet Frog Instant Film Camera Mini Rug
Ross Harris (Camarillo, US)

It aint easy being green but it is easy buying from Official Exclusive. The products are great and they arrive so fast it’s head spinning.

Steenbeck Film Editing Table Pin
Erik C. Andersen (North Hollywood, US)
Love this pin.

Every editor that see's it goes nuts! Please make more!

Elmo with Film Camera Pin
Steve Bolomey (Longview, US)
Cool Pin

I have worn it a few times but never got a response from anyone. I do not care. I like the pin, it looks cool, looks good and I am happy with it.
The design is super great. Detailing is superb and just looks overall great.

Cinema Light Pin XL
Christian Nauen (Hamburg, DE)
Very Good Pins….

I like the Pins….

Old Rangefinder Camera Pin
Toomas Liivamägi (Tartu, EE)

Old Rangefinder Camera Pin

View Master Pin
donna cosentino (Escondido, US)
Cool new pin

Love it and I think it will sell

G2 Camera Pin
Jarrett (Brooklyn, US)
Best pins!

Great quality and they are really cool! Definitely gonna grab pins in the future.

Mam. 645 AF Medium Format Camera #10 Pin
Michael Taylor (Seattle, US)
Super Nice!

The details in the pin are very good. I honestly didn't expect to see such good quality on it, but for sure it's pretty accurate. I'll definitely be ordering more pins to add to my growing collection.

Zoetrope Moving Horse Pin
Alan Miller (Bolton, GB)

A beautiful pin commemorating our first example of persistence of vision and the birth of the movies!

F SLR 3D Gold Camera Pin
donna cosentino (Escondido, US)
Lots of cool pins, missing some favorites

So many are really cool…and I love the Viewmaster! We received the fun camera with eyes, lips and nose and I am sure kids (or their parents) will purchase those.The classic cameras and film representations are great and our shop's favorites. Love love the Graylab timer and darkroom red light bulb. I’m not fond of the gold Nikon and Rolleiflex but I think they will sell. I miss the Rolleiflx TLR and Hassleblad- Please PLEASE bring them back. How about a HOLGA pin? I don’t understand the pizza, spaghetti and other food on cameras at all. Inside joke? But hey, you guys are imaginative and that’s what makes it fun to shop your site.

The original Chromakey frog

We call our Westcott green screen backgrounds ‘Kermits.’ We use them at this time of year. Next week at our corporate training some of the trainees will earn these excellent pins to commemorate the season.

F SLR Camera Pin
Earl W Havlin (Vancouver, CA)
Great product

Excellent service great product. !!!

Brownie Camera Pin Gold Variant
Ash (Las Vegas, US)

cool pin happy to have

Can. 5D DSLR Camera Pin
Paul Vaccaro (New York, US)
This pin looks just like a canon 5d

If you love the iconic canon 5d full frame professional dslr… why not show that love with an iconic icon in the form of an iconic pin? I’m just trying to see how many times I can use the word ‘iconic.’

Did I mention that this is a nice pin?

Steenbeck Film Editing Table Pin
Alan Miller (Slough, GB)
Steenbecks R US

You have managed to celebrate film - which some of us have lived our lives celebrating - in such a unique way, that I cannot help but support. Bravo Julian! All good things, Alan

Electric Guitar Pin
Peter Wevers (Arnhem, NL)
George Harrison strat pin

Great looking strat copy and good quality pin as well !
I can recommand this one for sure!

Flaming Photo Suitcase Mini Rug
Lucas Wakman (Montreal, CA)
Great rug

It’s my second rug bought from official exclusive, love these things for anywhere in the house.

Saturn V Apollo Rocket Pin
Matt Cant (Penarth, GB)
Pins galore!!!

Just awesome. Mega fan!!

Kermet Frog Instant Film Camera Mini Rug
Avery Annett (Ottawa, CA)
my incredible little man

i love him. he makes my room infinitely better. he is a conversation piece. he can be hung on the wall or function as a rug. i love how hes printing out a picture of a smiling frog, it makes me feel like i AM the smiling frog. he does it all!

on a serious note it is super well made and very high quality. i've ordered many pins from official exclusive which i also love but the value for price of this rug is crazy and i will continue to tell everyone i know about my incredible kermit rug.

Steenbeck Film Editing Table Pin
Nigel T (Sydney, AU)

Having used one of these for quite a few years, I had to have it... lovely details... the real deal...

Brick Camera Pin
Paul Vaccaro (Olean, US)
Accurate brick camera pin

Guess who discovered the work of Tony Vaccaro recently

The Duo™ Dual Camera Strap Pro
Brendan Dahlin Nolan (Toronto, CA)
Love it! Fantastic value with everything that I’ve been looking for

As an event shooter who tries to work as close to a photojournalism-documentary style as possible, that means working with as little gear as necessary during shoots — even when working with multiple cameras. I’ve tried multiple systems to best support my approach, give me the options that I need to do long shoots comfortably, not break the bank in the process and, yes, look normal (if not good) doing it!

The Duo Dual Camera Strap Pro is the best option that I’ve found to date that checks all those boxes. You can clearly tell that this is a system that was designed by individuals who are passionate about photography and well aware of the challenges and shortcomings of other camera strap systems.

I’m a big man at 6’4”, 285lbs, but I don’t want more bulk or something that’s going to make it harder to move around events. The Duo Dual Camera Strap Pro ensures that I can move through an event with two full-frame professional cameras (and equivalent lenses) secured without worrying either may fall or may swing out to inadvertently impact a person or be damaged by a wall/door. When I need to get the shot, I know that either camera is quickly on-hand, and when I’m done I know that I can secure the camera once again.

For a photojournalism-documentary style photographer, this is a massive asset. I can secure my gear bag safely elsewhere, and have better opportunities to get the shots that I’m looking for.

Highly recommended. Great quality and worth the cost.

Steenbeck Film Editing Table Pin
Erik C. Andersen (North Hollywood, US)

Love this Steenbeck Pin.

Bolex 16mm Pin
Erik C. Andersen (North Hollywood, US)

Love this pin!

Space Shuttle Cross Section Pin
John Tant (Tullahoma, US)
Space Pins

Beautiful pins; very detailed; heavy metal; very pleased to add to my collection.