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Clapperboard Mini Rug
Jonathan Hyppolite (New York, US)
Get one now

Made the purchase a few days ago and just got it with no regrets. Really dope mat! THANK YOU!


I must have missed the size cause I was not expecting how big it was but it was a good surprise and I love it!!!

Panny Super R200 Motion Picture Camera Enamel Pin
Noah Kellett (New Westminster, CA)
Love the pins and really appreciate the work

The pins are amazing. The detail is perfect and I am so happy someone is making cool things like camera pins and rugs.

SX70 Camera Pin Chrome Variant
Chris Photography (Gambrills, US)

Great fun product

Amazing quality, clean design.

Clapperboard Mini Rug
Jacqueline (Tulsa, US)
Great quality

Love this thing! So soft and I can tell it’ll last for a while. Can’t wait to try other products.

Apple Mac

Excellent little pin. Wouldn’t ming if there a few more of the classics in the Apple pantheon.

Canonet Camera Pin
Marcus Fingerlin (Denver, US)
Great product, quick shipping!

Perfect product for an upcoming exhibition at our museum. Arrived 3 days after placing my order.

A7 Digital SLR Camera Pin #2
bmeek2 (Nanaimo, CA)
A7 pin

Excellent as always! Exactly as expectedx

GR Digital Camera Pin
Alejandra Davila (Lima, PE)

GR Digital Camera Pin

Kermet Frog Instant Film Camera Mini Rug
Samantha Riding (Salt Lake City, US)
The light of my life

The Kermet mini rug sits beside my bed, he whispers sweet words to me as I sleep and wakes me gently in the morning. Kermet is what is keeping me alive during these difficult times. 10/10 would recommend.

Spaghetti and Meatballs on Rolleiflex Pin
Alex Brisbey (McCordsville, US)

Spaghetti and Meatballs on Rolleiflex Pin

Kermet Frog Instant Film Camera Mini Rug
youhans Abraham (Grand Rapids, US)
Perfect condition better than I expected

I love this so much I ordered 2 other items and they all turned out great every time I see them it reminds me to grab my camera

Love it

Looks so good, perfect size, also got a sweet deal with a discount code that i found in my inbox from a while ago, perfect addition to my new place.

Speed Graphic Large Format Camera #1 Pin Gold Variant
Angeliki Didimopoulou (Glyfada, GR)

Speed Graphic Large Format Camera #1 Pin Gold Variant

Detail, detail, detail!

Such amazing small details!

XA Camera Pin
adam bucci (Las Vegas, US)
Great little pin

Well made and worth buying. My only suggestion is perhaps include lockable pin backs.
And as I’m buying the ones that match cameras I own, I need a Nikon f with photomic finder, a Minolta hi matic 9, Fuji ga645i professional, and a Kodak retina 3c pin.

G3 Bondi Blue Vintage Desktop Computer Enamel Pin
Lorenzo Henderson (El Paso, US)
New pin suggestion?

I love quality of your pins! I’d be neat to see like a computer cpu pin be made with the colors etc I know you all would kill that design so I thought it be neat to share

DSLR pin

Beautiful Color, excellent quality! So happy with this pin!

Can. DSLR Camera Pin #5 Gold Plated
UK buyer (Bracknell, GB)
Cross section DSLR

I have never wanted a pin badge so much and was somewhat over excited when my order arrived. I might as well have received the crown jewels, the pins far exceeded my expectations and are now the centre piece of my banner. Thanks Official exclusive.

Wooden Large Format Camera Pin
Yu Xuan Yang (New Taipei, TW)

Wooden Large Format Camera Pin

Perseverance Mars Rover Pin
Awesome pins!!!

I love these pins, I am obsessed! The quality is really good and the designs are so cool and original!

SX70 Camera Patch
Jorge Perez (Irvine, US)
Beautiful Patch

I am very happy with my purchase. I have it already on my jacket.

Brownie Camera Pin Gold Variant
Casey Triolo (Bear, US)
Brownie Pin

Real cool and great pin to put on my jacket 😊

Perseverance Mars Rover Pin
Customer (Sterling Heights, US)
Amazing Products

I love all of my Pins I will continue to buy more. Keep up the great work.